Author: Thomas Norris

Free Resume Building Tool

The team at Referable.Me has noticed a lot of people are starting to search for new jobs! That’s fantastic and we want to be a part of your story. We’ve already built a tool to help you quickly and easily request and share your job references but we know you want more! So to help […]

The Great Resignation is Upon Us

2020 brought us COVID. 2021 showed the world how weak supply chains are. 2022 is bringing the Great Resignation! Hold on tight! If you thought that the job market was interesting in 2021 just wait for 2022. Media and the news has portrayed this year as one with a fragile job market due to government […]

Writing a Job Reference

Where to start, what to say? By Tommy Norris 7/20/2021 Writing a job reference doesn’t have to be challenging. Many of us have been asked to provide a reference and then we draw a blank. What do I say? Where do I start? Is it going to be done by phone or do I need […]