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How We Started

Ever solve a problem for yourself and then think, hmmm, maybe this could be helpful for someone else? Well that’s exactly what happened with Referable.Me. Our founder noticed a pattern during the hiring process. He would be in the final stages of a hiring process and then be asked for a list of references. He would have to reach out to his contact list, often playing phone tag, then forward contact information onto the company wanting to check his references. Then the hiring manager, HR, or recruiter would reach out to the reference and play phone tag too. After experiencing this himself and more importantly witnessing others going through the same process he thought there should be a better way. MyRefList.com was born and quickly turned into Referable.Me.

Referable.Me offers a free tool for job seekers to quickly request, manage, and share their job references with hiring managers and for business leaders Referable.Me offers an online solution to managing candidate lists, requesting and viewing their references, and sharing this information with teams.